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PLEASE NOTE: If you are a falconer applying for Regular Membership, your references must be licensed falconers.
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Regular Membership: Any qualified individual of good moral character who is 12 years of age or older and is a licensed Apprentice, General, or Master falconer may become a Regular Member of the Carolina Hawking Club. ONLY Regular Members that are General or Master Falconers may hold a board position. Any Regular Member may also attend meets and hold committee positions as needed and assigned by the board. Affiliate Membership: Any reputable individual or organization having purposes and objectives similar to, or allied with, those of the Carolina Hawking Club may become an Affiliate Member. Affiliate members may not hold a board position, nor may they serve on committees. They may, however, attend all club meets and other events open to membership and the public.
By clicking submit, you are stating that you understand that this is an application and does not in any way, guarantee membership. The board will review your application as quickly as possible and get back to you with their decision. If your application is approved, you will need to purchase the annual membership ($30). This will soon be on our merch page, until then, we will inform you of alternate payment options upon membership approval. Please DO NOT pay the membership until you are notified of your membership acceptance.